Marie’s House of Hope Inc.

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Everyone Deserves a Chance of a Better Future

Marie’s House of Hope Inc. is an educational group home in Dayton, OH offering care, guidance and supervision to children ages 7–21 who were placed in the public foster care system, but are unable to live with a family. They need to learn transitional living skills for successful emancipation.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers independent living services, including money management, job search techniques, college and career planning, basic living skills and more. 

We are located in the Target Range neighborhood near several Dayton public schools. Our location is close to public transportation and also makes for an easy bicycle commute.

What We Believe

Our organization was established in 2014 to help all children reach their goals. We believe youth need adult support and guidance until they are able to function as independent adults. Building a successful life requires education.

We believe a high school diploma or equivalency is critical to future earnings and success. Therefore, the longer a child can live in a family setting, the better equipped he or she will be in having a happy and healthy family as an adult.

If you believe in our work, then please support us any way you can.

How Our Program Works

We provide:

  • A safe, stable and creative environment with weekly group sessions that foster critical thinking and relationship building

  • Transitional living skill development, featuring a curriculum focused on work ethics, basic living and relationships and delivered in groups, classroom-type settings and individual one-on-one sessions

  • Trained and skilled staff who provide individual mentoring, as well as ways to accomplish individual case goals

  • Access to youth employment programs, private employment opportunities, work placement agencies and career evaluations that help residents discover work-development opportunities

  • A structured daily program that includes academics and recreational activities along with a privilege system that teaches social skills, encourages positive behavior and advocates personal responsibility

  • Access to community services, including education, employment, recreation, culture, therapy and healthcare

In addition to these many services, our program also focuses on cultural identity development. Each adolescent is given a multi-ethnic identity assessment, and the results are used to create individual goals that are added to their treatment plans.

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Community Engagement 

                                                                           Marie’s House of Hope Inc.

Community Engagement Plan 

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, “declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Irvin McDonald, I am the Executive Director and founder of Marie’s House of Hope, Inc. We are a non-profit group Home organization that is devoted to providing youth, ranging from ages 7 through 21, with resources that will facilitate them achieving at their full potential through secure and nurturing environments, continuing relationships, high ethical and certified standards. Marie’s House of Hope has educational group homes for children in need of a last chance to live in a home like setting while they develop life skills and prepare for the adult world. Youth are referred from child placing agencies (public and private) and can stay until they graduate high school or get a GED. Residents are required to seek and gain employment while in care and save for their pending independence. Among the criteria includes the lack of a family with which to live. If there is ever any problems or concern plaease feel free to contact the facility executive director (Irvin McDonald). We will make sure that your concern are addressed within 30 days of the complaint. A copy of this policy will be provided upon request to any individual requesting a copy of the policy. A Copy of this plan will also be on the agency’s website at

Marie’s House of Hope, Inc. operates 4 group homes as identified below:

  1. The Robert C. Home

122 Central Ave

Dayton, Ohio 45406

  1. The OYAMA M. Home

124 Central Ave

Dayton, Ohio 45406

  1. George-McDonald Home

50 Crown Ave

Dayton, Ohio 45417

  1. Barbara & Dorothy House

3615 Cornell Drive

Dayton, Ohio 45406

Contact Information
Irvin McDonald

Marie’s House of Hope Inc.
332 Linwood St.
Dayton Ohio 45405

Phone :( 937) 529-4946

Fax: (937) 529-4999
Cell: (937) 305-5119